Lay Marianists

Among those called to the Marianist Family are lay people who experience the spirituality and approach to ministry of the Marianist charism as their way of living out their baptismal commitment and “being Church.” As lay persons, men and women might be doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, social workers, government workers, accountants, church employees, laborers and more. Lay Marianists in the United States and Canada belong to the Marianist Lay Community of North America.

The Marianist Lay Community of North America is the lay branch of the Marianist Family in North America. Members primarily belong to local communities in a specific geographic area. Other members are scattered across the country, and participate in virtual communities that often get together for face to face retreats, etc.

The Marianist Lay Community of North America is part of the North American region of the International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities, a private association of the faithful, officially recognized by the Catholic Church.

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