Donor Stories

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‘Life Changing’ Advice from a Marianist Boosts Success

Rubén Escobedo’s education at St. Mary’s University and guidance from a Marianist educator put him on a path to success. Now he’s repaying the favor. Read more.

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Finding Faith and Community on Europe’s Rivers

Janie and Mike Saxe enjoyed a beautiful trip and gained a deeper appreciation of their faith on a Marianist-sponsored pilgrimage. Read more.

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A Successful Businessman and a Good Steward

Brad Scribner has a knack for business. Today, he’s using the talent that led to his career success to give back through the Marianist Mission. Read more.

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Honoring the Value of a Marianist Education

Bill Adams, a member of the Chaminade High School Class of 1933, wanted to ensure people would be reminded of the ongoing impact of a long-closed Marianist school. Read more.

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Annuities Mean Multiplied Benefits for 25-year Donor

Peter Byrne understands the value of moving the some of the proceeds of his successful career into the hands of the Marianists so that many may benefit. Read more.

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Improving the Lives of Children a World Away

Denise Carpenter, a social worker in the Midwest, is pleased to be helping the Marianists improve the lives of children at Our Lady of Nazareth School in Nairobi, Kenya. Read more.

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A Big-hearted Doctor Makes a Big Impact

Dr. Frank Bellomo always knew he wanted to ease the suffering of the poor. His estate planning helped ensure the Marianists could carry out his dream. Read more.

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The Gift of an Education, the Gift of a Whole New Life

Bob and Betty Perkins have never met Michael Githae, but they have made a truly life-altering impact on the life of this former child of the streets. Read more.