Monthly Giving Clubs

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving programs allow donors to support ongoing basic Marianists needs, specifically for:

  • Support of aspirants (Mary’s Month)
  • Support of Marianist seminarians (Two Hundred Club)
  • Care of our elderly and healthcare needs (St. Joseph’s Legacy)
  • Empower a child to reach for a better life – sponsor an elementary student at Our Lady of Nazareth School, Nairobi, Kenya (Rafiki Club)

Mary’s Month: Provides for the education and development of all Marianists, especially young men and women entering the order. On the first Saturday of every month, givers for Mary’s Month are remembered at a Mass.

The 200 Club: Helps finance Marianists in the United States and the regions sponsored by the United States Province – who wish to become priests. Supporting a seminarian is a major commitment. Our sponsors are asked to pledge at least $50 per month over two years. A Mass is said on the first Saturday of every month to honor the prayer intentions of these sponsors.

St. Joseph’s Legacy: Helps fund the medical needs of all Marianists, especially elderly and infirm Marianist priests, brothers, and sisters. On the first Wednesday of each month, givers for St. Joseph’s Legacy are remembered at a Mass.

Rafiki Club: Supports students at Our Lady of Nazareth (OLN) Primary School, located in the middle of one of Nairobi’s (Kenya) largest and worst slums. The only way out of the poverty and despair is education – thus the importance of OLN, where 1,800 children are enrolled. For these children, it is the only means of breaking the cycle of poverty into which they were born. For only $125 each year (or $10.25 a month), you can sponsor a child, covering the cost of education for a year plus a daily hot meal. You will receive your child’s name and photo along with two letters from him/her during each school year. The letters will be sent to their “rafiki,” which means “friend” in Swahili.

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