2014 Lay Assembly

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The 2014 Continental Assembly of Marianist Lay Communities of North America will be held at St. Mary’s University, in San Antonio, TX July 24-27. The Assembly will begin with dinner on Thursday, July 24th and concludes with lunch (optional, at participant’s expense) at noon on Sunday, July 27th.


The Assembly is open to all members of the Marianist Family. We especially hope to have multiple participants from each Marianist Lay Community, as well as a mix of young adults and other Marianist laity not affiliated with active communities. The Marianist Lay Network is YOU! And we want you there!


Participation by every community – and as many lay Marianists as possible – is not only important; it’s essential. Communities and individuals are encouraged to bring the voice of each local/regional community to the Assembly!  Some of the essential topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Questions of identity: who am I as a lay Marianist? What is the significance of my community?
  • Questions of purpose: why do we gather? What is our role in the Church and in society?
  • Questions of organization: What is the role/purpose of the MLNNA? How are we connected to the broader Marianist Family?
  • The rolling out of a strategic plan for the lay branch of the Marianist family taking us into the future.

This Assembly is meant to explore more fully, together, the privileges and responsibilities of calling ourselves Marianist, and to help each and all to live more faithfully our Marianist life and to discern what is needed to achieve the reality of our Founders’ vision.

In short, this assembly is about YOU, our member communities and other lay Marianists in North America.



Our keynote speaker, Gregory F. Augustine Pierce, is the publisher of ACTA Publications in Chicago and a past president of the National Center for the Laity. He is the author of Spirituality at Work, The Mass Is Never Ended, and The World As It Should Be. He recently edited and published The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition, a new translation of the Bible into idiomatic American English by Eugene Peterson and William Griffin. He is married to Kathleen Augustine Pierce, a Catholic schoolteacher, and the couple has three young-adult children. They are members of St. Mary of the Woods Catholic Church in Chicago.

Click for the  Assembly Schedule.

Click to see the detailed Assembly Program Book.

In preparation for the Assembly we invite you to read these brief articles/documents:

The Marianist Movement by Bro. Ray Fitz, SM

Toward a Marianist Future by Fr. David Fleming, SM

Faith of the Heart by Isabella Moyer

Living the Mission, A Strategic Plan for the Lay Branch


 WHAT is the COST?

The cost of attendance is structured based on the accommodations you desire and includes three nights’ lodging, meals, breaks, and materials. ADDITIONAL NIGHTS: We can arrive early for an additional charge of $45 per night. We cannot stay beyond the 27th because St. Mary’s is hosting another conference immediately follow ours.

Our basic rate is $230 and is for a double occupancy room. If you plan to share a room, you can tell us who you prefer to be with or we can assign someone.

For those desiring a single occupancy room registration is $275

A reduced/scholarship rate is available at $165  with accommodations in a double room. We realize that everyone’s financial circumstances are different and we will not question one’s selection of this option. If you need additional support or the reduced rate causes a hardship, please let us know. All requests will be confidential.

The non-housing/commuter rate is also $165 which covers meals, socials, facility rentals, participant materials, etc.

If you have means and desire to help defray the cost for others (particularly those recently out of school), and would like to make an additional contribution, it would be gratefully appreciated. Likewise, if you’re unable to attend and would like to make it possible for someone else to attend, we’d welcome your contribution! Communities may also want to support individual members in attending.

Finally, since we are charged for each credit card transaction, we ask – if you are able – that each registrant offset the cost of credit card processing by selecting the optional transaction fee at checkout, one per registrant.



Click for a  detailed list of Things To Know Before You Come and answers to other frequently asked questions!

Questions can be directed to laymarianist@gmail.com.



To register ONLINE please use the form below. You can pay by check or credit card. If you pay by check, you can mail it to us at MLNNA, The Marianist Center, 1341 N. Delaware Ave #301, Philadelphia, PA 19125 .

Click here for a 2014 Assembly Registration Form if you’d prefer to print it, fill it out, and return it by mail.

2014 Lay Assembly Registration

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  • Please share whether you are a member of a Marianist Lay Community, a vowed religious, an employee of a Marianist institution or a lay person committed to the Marianist charism.
  • If you are a member of a Marianist Lay Community (MLC), please tell us which one(s).
  • Please tell us how long you've known the Marianists and how old your lay community is, if you belong to one.
  • Please tell us if you have any dietary restrictions or need assistance with accessibility. We'd also like to know if you play an instrument or sing, or if you would be willing to participate as a liturgical minister during the Assembly (lector, Eucharistic Minister, etc.). You may also use this box to ask questions and someone can get in touch with you.
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