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Many Marianists are drawn to social justice. But what is a Marianist perspective on social justice? And what are some characteristics one can use to define it?


A new Things Marianist, "How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?"--written by Jim Vogt the director of the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative--examines this topic. Jim uses the work of the Adèle Social Justice Project in crafting the seven characteristics:


Saying Yes

Building Community

Living Simply


Joining Voices with the Voiceless


Passion for the Mission


Things Marianist "How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?" is ideal as a short introduction to Marianist social justice, as a discussion resource for Marianist communities or groups, and as a background piece for people new to the Marianist Family and its ministries.


The cost for this six-page pamphlet is 35 cents each, 30 cents each for 2-25 copies, and greater discounts for larger quantities. (See the chart below for pricing information.)

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