What is MUSP?

The Marianist Urban Students Program assists qualified students in achieving success in their education within the Catholic Christian atmosphere of a Marianist high school.

MUSP supports students from urban elementary schools and middle schools in maximizing their potential at Marianist high schools. During the school year, efforts are made to strengthen the communication between the student, the family and the school. The Marianist Urban Students Program:

  • Provides ongoing support of each student
  • Monitors academic grades and school attendance
  • Provides weekly academic coaching by arranging quarterly conferences with the parents
  • Plans monthly enrichment activities
  • Initiates regular conferences with school staff
  • Matches students with mentors in the community
  • Provides necessary assistance with outside social agencies (if needed)
  • Provides tuition assistance

Where is the program offered?

MUSP program is available at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School in Cleveland, Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati and Central Catholic High School in San Antonio.

Are the Marianists supporting this program financially?

Yes, the Marianists are financially supporting the MUSP through money from an endowment fund. Find out how you can contribute.

How much is the assistance worth?

If you consider the cost of the program director’s salary and all the enrichment activities sponsored by the program, it is difficult to estimate the true value of the assistance. Parents/guardians are responsible for one-third of the school’s current tuition, plus fees. The MUSP generally covers two-thirds of the tuition.

Who selects the students?

The MUSP board for each program selects the students. The board looks at the application forms and school reports, making a first selection. After interviews and conferencing, it makes the final selection.

The board is looking for students who:

  • Are serious in their studies
  • Have good grades
  • Display school leadership
  • Are willing to be taught
  • Are serving the school/community
  • Have good attendance and discipline records
  • Are involved in their church’s activities
  • Have parental/guardian support in their studies and goals

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