The logo was designed by artist and architect Art Martin, member of the Faith & Family Community, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It was originally worked in wood for the front door of a new Community House for the SM Community in St. Boniface. Both Art and the Community have graciously permitted adaptation of the design for use by the MLNNA.

We also acknowledge the reflection of John Kracher, SM, on the meaning of the symbol. He interprets the line supporting the beam of the cross as Mary, as she stands at the foot of the cross.

More generally, Mary is symbolized here as a person who gives Christ to the world.

In John’s Gospel, “the mother of Jesus” appears only twice:

at Cana (John 2:1-11)

and at Calvary (John 19:25-27).

For this evangelist, events are laden with theological reflection and symbolic overtones.

At Cana, at a event symbolizing the eschatological union of God and humanity, Mary’s quiet yet confident actions anticipate the fullness of faith of the community.

At Calvary, in the person of John, all of Jesus’ disciples become children of Mary.

For John, Mary is present at those break-through moments that are hints of the time when all the world will be one and all peoples will live in dignity.

For members of the MLNNA, Mary is a sign of hope as they seek to enable that transformation.

The logo suggests not only a vision of the new world to come, but Mary as a model of the way to seek it.