What is a Lay Marianist

The Marianist Family gathers, prepares, and sends members to bring about the reign of God, experienced as human dignity, freedom, justice, solidarity, and reconciliation for all persons.

Consistent with the characteristics manifested by all members of the Marianist Family, there are seven characteristics of lay Marianist life that have been identified and elaborated by the International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities.

They are:

  • Lay Marianists grow in understanding of the founders of the Marianist Family and how the Marianist charism is a gift both to the Church and to the larger world.
  • Lay Marianists grow in understanding of and relationship with Mary.
  • Lay Marianists help build and sustain communities of faith and hope.
  • Lay Marianists embrace the mission of Jesus that is expressed in Scripture: “Do whatever He tells you.”
  • Lay Marianists grow to be a prophetic sign within the Church.
  • Lay Marianists grow in prayer and faith.
  • Lay Marianists give time and talent to the Marianist Family and give treasure to support the lay organization.

To learn more, read the MLNNA Brochure.