IMANI is a Marianist program in Eastern Africa. In the Kiswahili language of Eastern Africa, “imani” means faith, while the acronym  IMANI stands for “Incentive from the Marianists to Assist the Needy to be Independent.” IMANI’s ministries include the Chaminade Training Center and Maria House.



  • Chaminade Training Center is an outreach program to young men and women that provides the opportunity to learn trade and life skills to become employable and able to support their families. IMANI’s job creation program teaches business skills and provides job placement service to its students while also providing loans to assist some of them in establishing their own small enterprise.
  • Maria House stands as a beacon of hope for poor unwed mothers and pregnant women. It was first established 20 years ago in response to the high abortion rate among poor slum-dwellers. The programs at Maria House offer hope for women in distress by empowering them through skills training to create a better future for themselves and their children. Over the years, Maria House has helped thousands of women to become self-reliant and economically self-sufficient. It is “Mary’s House” where women find hope and acceptance.