Charitable Bequests

One way to donate to the Marianists is to direct in your will or revocable living trust that your entire interest in certain money or property be transferred to the Marianists. Your estate will be entitled to a charitable deduction for the full, fair-market value of your gift. You can include the Marianists as part of your legacy by making a bequest to “Marianistt Province of the United States,” the Marianist’s legal title.


A General Bequest is probably the most popular type of charitable bequest. With this, you leave a specified dollar amount to the Marianists. For example, a bequest of $25,000 is a general bequest.


A Specific Bequest is another popular way to benefit the Marianists. With such a bequest, you designate specific property that you want us to receive. For example, a bequest of a specified stock or a vacation home are specific bequests.


A Residuary Bequest is used to give the Marianists all, or a portion of, one’s property after all debts, taxes, expenses and all other bequests have been paid. For example, giving the Marianists “the rest of the property that I own at my death” is a residuary bequest. It may augment a general or specific bequest to the Marianists if the size of the estate allows, after assuring that other beneficiaries receive their bequests prior to distribution to the Marianists.


A Percentage Bequest is expressed as a percentage of an estate or residuary estate. For example, a donor might leave the Marianists 50 percent of the residuary estate. If fortune changes the size of the estate over the years, this bequest will change in the same proportion.


A Contingent Bequest is a provision in your will or revocable living trust that provides for the situation where a beneficiary dies before you or the beneficiary disclaims the property. To prepare for such an occurrence, consider naming the Marianists as the contingent beneficiary. This will ensure that the property will pass to us in one of these situations rather than to unintended beneficiaries. When remembering us as a beneficiary in your will, trust agreement, insurance policy or retirement plan, please use our legal title:  Marianist Province of the United States.

To inform the Marianists that you have made a bequest, print out and return our confidential Bequest Notification Form.

Request our free booklet, “Planning Your Legacy, a Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust” by contacting  Brother Jim Brown, legacy giving administrator, or Carol Gauder, legacy giving assistant, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m (Eastern Time), 937-222-4641. Or call toll free, M-F, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (Eastern Time), 1-800-348-4732.

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